When buying granite or quartz…….

We often have to help out people who have unfortunately chosen the wrong fabricator for their new granite or quartz worktop, here is a few handy tips to help you find the right company to buy from.

Internet companies

This offers a lot of choice and and often very competitive rates, unfortunately from previous customer feedback this usually leads to an end product of poorly fitted sub standard quality granite worktops. Internet granite companies usually have  no showroom or production facilities, hence the ability to undercut most reputable companies. Always check the contact details on their website, also ask to visit the factory the worktops will be produced.If there is no physical point of contact and things go wrong it will be virtually impossible to get the issue rectified.

Slab Quality

Always insure your worktops are produced from a large single slab, visit the factory or supplier, we always encourage our customers to go and hand pick from our suppliers based here in Yorkshire. Beware of companies that use blank lengths or rips, these are always of poor quality, heavily pitted, often dyed and rarely match.

Compare quotations

Shop around, if you contact 2 or 3 suppliers and one is £100’s cheaper ask why?  Companies that can undercut most reputable fabricators are most likely ‘too good to be true’ and fall in the above categories.

Talk to us!

If you need anymore impartial advice don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team members who will be happy answer any queries you may have.


NikkiWhen buying granite or quartz…….